New Website for Equine Welfare Resources

The Virginia Horse Council Foundation (VHCF) has created a comprehensive website that is a source of content and education to assist, animal control officers (ACO’s), veterinarians, horse owners and equine rescues. The URL for the website is The VHFC has worked for the past 4 years with animal control officers, equine veterinarians and equine rescues to determine what resources were needed by these individual groups.

2021 Education Campaign: Pet Safety

Each year human illnesses are reported from people caring for and feeding pets. The Virginia Food Protection Task Force (VFPTF) is providing educational materials from the Center of Disease Control to help families remind families that pets sometimes carry germs that can make people sick.

The VFPTF is providing free copies of laminated posters and copies of the CDC coloring books to Virginia veterinarians, zoos, pet feed supply companies, Virginia Cooperative Extension and consumers to help spread the word on choosing the right pet and how to protect families from germs that cause illness.

Materials available cover topic areas such as backyard flocks and Salmonella, safety around reptiles, pet food safety and general tips for staying healthy around pets. Resources can be found:

These materials are available only while supplies last.  Those interested in materials or further information should contact Christy Brennan, Virginia Rapid Response Team Coordinator, at  804-786-1585 or    

Download the following Pet Safe Handling Posters for your office or to distribute to pet owners:
Five Things to do RIGHT after Visiting Animals

Back Yard Flocks and Salmonella
Pet Class Poster, Wash Your Paws
Pet Food Safety
Pet Reptiles and Amphibians
Stay Healthy Around Pets
Support for this offer comes from a cooperative agreement awarded to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food Safety Program by the Food and Drug  Administration.

Veterinary Debt Initiative -

Veterinary Debt Initiative:

Virginia Academy of Food Animal Practitioners-

Virginia Association of Licensed Veterinary Technicians -

Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine -

Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine -

Virginia Veterinary Equine Welfare Resources -

American Veterinary Medical Association -

Companion Animal Parasite Council -

Virginia Animal ID Program, Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services-

Learn how to create a Facebook page for your practice here:

For Veterinarians : A message from the VA Board of Veterinary Medicine on Safe Use of Opioids & Other Prescription Medications

Resources available from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine -

The Human-Animal Health Connection from the Delta Society. -

ASPCA Poison Control Center with information about prevention, response, and where to go for more information. . -

Northern Virginia Community College-Veterinary Technology Program -

Blue Ridge Community College, Veterinary Technology Program -

Prepare and Prevent: Animal Safety Plan

For Pet Owners : A message from the VA Board of Veterinary Medicine on Household Prescription Drug Safety

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